Eric Phillips, IFPA Men’s Physique Pro

“I have been an avid lifter and am somewhat knowledgeable about what I am doing in terms of nutrition. That didn’t steer me away from using Corbin as my coach. Corbin was professional, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. I learned more than I could even imagine throughout my prep. To me, it was important to have a coach that took a scientific approach and was open to anything and everything. Working with him was simple, and many people can’t say that about prep! I also can’t complain about the result of my first show as I went on to win my pro card!”


Michael Plantin

“During my time as a client, Corbin was involved 100% of the way and made me feel like he was there during the prep with me! It was an amazing learning experience and I took away some things that will stick with me for life! I highly recommend him as a fitness, health and prep coach.”


Shaniah Dipuccio, NPC Bikini Open Winner

“"Not only is Corbin very knowledgeable but he also never made me feel like shit about myself if I messed up on the plan which is SO IMPORTANT IN A COACH! He always answered questions with scientific evidence and was always very helpful and professional. I could tell he genuinely cared about my progress and he made it a breeze. I can't thank him enough and would definitely recommend Corbin as a coach!"


Glen Montgomery

“In June 2015 I was in the worst shape of my life, and was ready to turn it around permanently. At my peak, I weighed 192 pounds at just shy of 5’11 – and there wasn’t much muscle in that weight at all. After browsing some fitness discussions on the popular site Reddit, I noticed some posts by Corbin which were always well written, thoughtful to the person’s needs, comprehensive, and without excessive bro-science. He clearly had a genuine interest in helping other people achieve their health and fitness goals, and that was in large part why I decided to reach out to him. He taught me the way of tracking cals/macros, and showed a great deal of patience with the huge amount of questions I had for him – ranging from simple things like “should I be eating white rice or brown rice”, “what kind of exercises should i do”, and “do I need to time my meals?”. I’m glad to say that with his guidance, I cut down to a lean 149.5 pounds at my lowest, and have been slow bulking since. I’m now in the best shape of my life, and he’s been such an awesome coach to work with along the way. He’ll say it himself – he doesn’t claim credit for his clients’ successes, but he is there to help guide you along the way to whatever your goals are. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels like I was, because you’ve read so much conflicting information online, and you’d like someone with patience, and a genuine care for your success, who at the same time will drastically simplify the steps you need to take to achieve your goals, then Corbin is your guy. Give him a shot. It was well worth it for me.”


David Adrounie

“I sought Corbin out to help me lose weight. I had a strong foundation, but I had a lot more than I would have liked. With his help, I was able to cut nearly 40 pounds and reveal the best version of my physique I had ever seen. With his IIFYM approach, it made dieting way easier than I thought it would be. I couldn’t recommend his services enough.”



Eathan Bizzell

“Since starting to work with Corbin I have noticed various changes in my physique. With my contest prep taking the slow approach allowed me to blow my previous package out of the water and accomplish the goal I set out for. I couldn’t have accomplished this without his guidance. Not only a great coach to work with but if you have any questions or anything he always replies well. Definitely happy to be a client and work with him for my offseason now through to the 2018-2019 season.”

Justin Thomas

“I’ve been working with Corbin for almost two years now. I started out just wanting to have someone who could help me get a nice physique, but after a while I decided to try giving competing another shot. I competed under a different coach in 2013 and it wasn’t fun. I noticed that under Corbin’s guidance, I

was still able to enjoy life and enjoy foods that I actually like instead of just chicken, broccoli,and brown rice all the time. Corbin has always been extremely friendly, helpful, and never once shown any frustration when I ask questions, instead he encourages me to ask questions and gives full, lengthy responses to make sure I’m educated on what is going on. I have so much motivation working with Corbin as my trainer and I feel like I have someone I can rely on. He’s always making sure that I am enjoying my workouts and asking if anything needs to be altered. he knows his stuff and its pretty cool having someone I can trust with my fitness goals. he’s turned into as much of a friend as he is a trainer. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true haha.”

Alex Biello, WNBF Bikini Pro

"I chose Corbin as a coach due to his flexible dieting approach to dieting and prep. I was pretty familiar but wanted more guidance specific to prepping for a competition. Corbin does not just give a generic plan, but takes into consideration all aspects of an individual. If I had a questions, he always gave a full answer I could easily understand. He is realistic and honest in where you are at and how long it will take to reach your goal, which is super important! He even helped me pick out what competition I would do and led me to win my WNBF pro card at my first INBF show! I am so glad I reached out to him and would recommend Corbin for anyone looking to not only reach their fitness goals but to learn along the way."

Logan Brown

“Before working with Corbin, I was stuck spinning my wheels. I understood what flexible dieting was and how it worked, but never was able to apply the principles of it. When I tried to bulk, it would be the “see food” diet where I’d eat everything in sight without being on consistent macros. While cutting, I would drastically slash my calories and lose quite a bit of both muscle and fat. This pretty much resulted in me looking the same year in and year out. I started with Corbin a few months after my first men’s physique competition where I gained 25lbs almost immediately and was in a bad place both metabolically and physically. Corbin helped me to diet back down to a lean state then helped me reverse diet to a point where I was in a much better place both metabolically and physically. After this we focused on building my metabolism and gaining muscle. Corbin has taught me how to diet correctly, train correctly, and how to make the best progress day in and day out. Without his help, I would never have understood how to diet or train correctly and would most likely still be spinning my wheels. I’m looking forward to building my metabolism and strength higher then they have ever been this off-season and having Corbin prep me for the natural bodybuilding stage hopefully in 2018 or 2019 once we feel that my physique is ready to be truly competitive!”


Isaac Hendry

"Corbin has been the most influential person pertaining to my health. He has not only helped me reach my desired physique for multiple bodybuilding competitions, but he has also taught me to hold myself accountable and to be patient. With Corbin's individualized diet and exercise programming, I seldom felt intimidated, and when I had questions or concerns, he would reply quickly and his response was genuine. This man is passionate about his work and he takes care of his clients. Out of the 4 coaches I have had, he has been the only one who cares just as much or more about my success as he does his own. He is personable, educated, (clearly) shredded, and over the course of my programming, he has become a friend. I recommend Corbin to any of my friends (both male and female and in any stage of their fitness journeys)."